It’s all happening in Capetown….

Capetown, with your handsome mountain standing tall, your fierce ocean dancing against the sunset – it was love at first sight.

So you have 2 weeks off work. You are longing for sun-filled days, breathtaking landscapes, incredible gastronomic fare and an abundance of activity – this South African city ticks all the boxes.


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RSVP Magazine by Susan Knox



This week’s One to Watch goes to the fabulous Aisling Kielthy – world traveller and creator of The If anyone knows how to travel in style it’s this girl. And once you catch a glimpse of her amazing adventurous life on her Instagram, you’ll be hooked – we can guarantee you that. 

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The Seychelles Edit

The Seychelles was one of those places we were slightly unsure about initially. I had been once before for a brief 17 hour layover with work so I didn’t get the chance to go explore – but part of me wanted to return to see what it was all about. Matt, who was raised on the Australian coastline never had any interest in an island holiday, but when flight times and logistics worked out perfectly for us, away we went to the middle of the Indian Ocean…


Praslin Island

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My Ultimate Go-to Natural Products


Even though I am a fan of luxurious lotions and potions, I am also obsessed with experimenting with natural minerals and oils. Many of these tips have been picked up from my colleagues of various nationalities along the way that I found quite interesting so perhaps you will too!

Castor Oil

A natural oil which is derived from plant seeds, castor oil is a hair growth miracle worker! I first heard about it from a Malaysian girl who said she uses it for eyebrow and eyelash growth. It can be mixed up in a concoction with coconut oil and vitamin E oil and applied every night before bed. You can also apply a tad over your brow makeup during the day to add structure. It can also be used to promote scalp hair growth and as a facial moisturizer although the consistency is quite thick when used alone so eyebrows is enough for me!

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